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Door Handles - Levers

MAXIMAL solid brass handle

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Product Information

When M&T presented the MAXIMAL Solid Brass Lever Handle to the market in 2013, it immediately became a bestseller. The MINIMAL and MAXIMAL solid brass collection won the prestigious international Red Dot Design award when it was launched in 2013. Designed by Roman Ulich, MAXIMAL can be tailored to suit many decors with different inlay and finish variations and combinations. With quality M 2011 mechanics, MAXIMAL lever handles can be used for interior and exterior doors.
MAXIMAL is designed and constructed with an invisible flowing rosette, made of solid brass, with a choice of seven finishes and a range of complementary products in the same design and colours. The fittings can be used for all types of doors and windows and are guaranteed for 3-15 years depending on the design.


Finish Option
  • Natural Brass
    062632 Ms
  • Titanium Bronze
    000252 TiN-B
  • Titanium Black
    000269 TiN-K
  • Satin Nickel
    000214 Sni
  • Nickel Matt Grinded
    000221 Sni Grinded
  • Titanium Chrome Matt
    000245 TiN-C
  • Glossy Chrome
    000238 Cr
  • Overall Length
    145 mm
  • Width
    33 mm
  • Height
    43 mm

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