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Fenix ​​536 Letterbox

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Product Information

The albo Fenix ​​is ​​a modern and sleek design letterbox made of aluminum with an inward-turning, vertical and completely flat letter flap.

Inside, the bottom is removable so that the mail volume can be doubled (ideal for during holiday periods). The bottom is provided with drainage holes and special profiling so that condensation cannot damage your mail. An anti-theft device is fitted to the flap opening to prevent mail from being removed along the flap.

The albo Fenix ​​meets the Belgian postal standard.

Sleek design
Completely made of aluminum (stainless!)
Flat anti-theft flap
Integrated parcel compartment
Removable bottom for doubling mail volume
Optional with combination lock instead of key lock
Available in the unique albo texture colors (powder coating)

This product was awarded the Red Dot Design Award for the extremely minimalist, strictly geometric design of the exterior surface and its well-balanced proportions make this free-standing letter box resemble a sculpture. The vertical, inwardly opening letter flap is an attractive detail.


Finish Option
  • Satin Black
    Fenix ​​536 Black
  • White
    Fenix ​​536 White
  • Overall Length
    400 mm
  • Width
    130 mm
  • Height
    1240 mm